Sonnenalp Kids Club


Recreation Program for Children

Unique in the Vail area, the Sonnenalp Kids Club offers structured activities and adventures for kids under the supervision of our Guest Activities Coordinator. Most programs take place in the Kids Club, a dedicated room full of toys and art supplies, located at the hotel. Other activities, like guided hikes, get the kids active and moving outside of the hotel.

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Sonnenalp Vail

Offered Year Round

The Sonnenalp Kids Club offers scheduled activities during the week with evening programming on the weekends. This program is open to children 3 years of age (must be toilet trained) up to 12 years. This program is offered at minimum cost to our guests.

Kids Club activities are offered year-round, with daily activities during the peak summer and winter months and a modified schedule of activities in the spring and fall seasons. Peak season is June 21 – Labor Day and December 18 – April 1. Please call the concierge team to reserve your spot.

Our concierge team can also assist you by providing a list of local, professional babysitting companies if your request falls outside of our offered Kids Club events.