Glide and Shine: Ice Skating in Vail Valley

Glide and Shine: Ice Skating in Vail Valley

Ice skating in Vail Valley is not just an activity - it's an experience that captures the essence of winter wonder. Whether you're a novice trying to master the basic glide or a seasoned skater carving intricate patterns on the ice, there's a rink waiting for you in Vail and Beaver Creek. And with the magical holiday vibes and the much-anticipated Vail Skate Fest featuring the sensational Nathan Chen, this winter promises memories to last a lifetime.

Skating Rinks to Explore

Solaris in Vail Village

In the midst of Vail Village is the bustling Solaris ice rink. With the plaza's lively atmosphere and the surrounding shops and eateries, it's a focal point for families and friends to come together for some icy fun.


Tucked within the charming Lionshead Village, this rink offers skaters a more secluded ambiance, where the grandeur of the surrounding mountains enhances every spin and twirl.

Beaver Creek Ice Rink

Set in the heart of Beaver Creek Village, here you can skate under a vast open sky, with inviting fire pits nearby, offering a warm respite from the cold.

Vail Skating Festival

The pinnacle of the skating season in Vail is undoubtedly the Vail Skate Fest. This event draws enthusiasts from all over, not just for the love of the sport, but to witness world-renowned figure skater Nathan Chen in action. His mesmerizing routines and unparalleled athleticism are truly a spectacle, making this an unmissable event for all.

Holiday Festivities in Vail

The holidays in Vail are a vibrant tapestry of twinkling lights, melodious carolers, and the inviting aroma of festive treats. The annual tree lighting is a heartwarming tradition, marking the beginning of the most joyous time of the year.

From casual skating to being a spectator at world-class events, Vail Valley offers an ice skating experience like no other. So, lace up your skates, feel the crisp winter air on your face, and let the festivities begin!