Planning Your Dream Wedding at Sonnenalp

Experience the Magic of a Sonnenalp Wedding

From intimate ceremonies by Gore Creek to grand receptions, our guide ensures every detail is tailored for your special day.

Define Your Vision

Start by visualizing your perfect day. From an intimate ceremony by Gore Creek to a grand reception overlooking in the heart of Vail Village, imagine the backdrop and ambiance that resonate with your love story.

Set Your Budget

Remember, a memorable wedding isn't about how much you spend but the experiences you create. Determine your budget and prioritize what's most important, whether it's gourmet catering, live music, or floral decor.

Choose Your Date

Vail's seasons each offer unique charm. Decide whether you're drawn to a snowy winter wedding, a vibrant fall celebration, or a sunny summer ceremony.

Wedding ceremony, bride and groom at the center with officiant, bridesmaids and groomsmen looking on

Book the Venue

Sonnenalp's variety of spaces can cater to any size or style of wedding. From elegant ballrooms to cozy outdoor settings, choose what aligns with your vision.

Gather Your Team

Collaborate with Sonnenalp's in-house wedding experts who can introduce you to the best florists, photographers, and other vendors in Vail.

Design the Details

From custom menus crafted by our culinary experts to personalized decor that reflects your journey, delve into the details that will make your day uniquely yours.

Woman pursing her lips, antlers on wall in the background framing her face

Send Out Invites

Choose invitations that mirror the elegance and charm of Sonnenalp, giving your guests a hint of the magical celebration to come.

Plan Other Events

Beyond the main ceremony, think about hosting a rehearsal dinner at one of Sonnenalp's gourmet restaurants or a post-wedding brunch overlooking the mountains.

Enjoy the Journey & Relish Your Big Day

Remember, planning your wedding should be as joyous as the day itself. Embrace every moment, and trust in Sonnenalp's expertise to make your dream wedding a reality. With every detail taken care of, immerse yourself in the love, laughter, and memories that will last a lifetime.

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