Sonnenalp Wellness Retreats

  with Sophie Jaffe

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Sonnenalp Wellness Retreats

Sonnenalp is excited to partner with leading health and wellness experts to bring you an exclusive series of wellness retreats in 2017. Each program showcases our farm-to-table philosophy and dedication to holistic living.

Learn to disconnect and reboot for a healthier lifestyle. Each retreat features signature workouts, nutrition menus and health-focused guided activities from a star lineup of experts who will lead, coach and train you.


September 28 – October 1, 2017
with Sophie Jaffe and Caley

Join us in bridging the gap between you dream life and your reality!

Caley & Sophie will help you figure out exactly what it is your dreams are! (most of us have a general direction we are headed but are unclear on exactly what it is we really want!)

You will learn how to remove the obstacles that stand in your way, and create lasting connections and relationships that nurture your process and empower you to fulfill and accomplish your goals.

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IGNTD Couples Retreat

November 16-19, 2017
with Sophie & Adi Jaffe

From suffering comes healing.

Adi Jaffe and Sophie Aaronson were two souls who were destined to find each other. They became bound to one another and embarked on a journey that forever changed them both, for the best. IGNTD is their gift to the world, utilizing their expertise of physical and mental health, nutrition, exercise, neuroscience and self-actualization.

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